How does it work?
The preheated plastics rest on the mould through aspiration (vacuum) to reproduce the shape and the details of the mould.

What are the advantages?
Low equipment costs for high drawing rates and/or for short production runs.

No painting.
Variability of the achievable thicknesses (from 200µ to 1.5 mm for reel moulding, which is for example not possible in injection moulding: from 1.2 mm to 8 mm for sheet moulding).

What materials?
Polycarbonate (PC), Polyethylene (PE), ABS, PST, Plexiglass, PET, PETG, PVC.

FARGO, through continuous study and research into suitable materials, in compliance with current standards and laws, can offer solutions with a high visual impact, like for example metallized, glitter, soft touch, and transparent finishes, different embossing patterns, stiff or very elastic materials that are highly shockproof and fireproof materials.
In addition, our exclusive partner can offer you special materials and customized solutions that are not normally available on the mass market.

Coil thermoforming scheme

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